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    How does Blackboard use cookies?

    Blackboard sites, like many other websites, use a technology called “cookies” to provide visitors with tailored information from the website. A cookie is a small text file that a website can send to a browser which may then be stored on a computer. A cookie does not retrieve any data from a user’s hard drive, carry computer viruses or capture email addresses. There are two types of cookies used by Blackboard: Session cookies and persistent cookies.

    Session Cookies

    Blackboard sites use session cookies for consistency purposes. Once users access an Blackboard website, their browser receives a session cookie which has a time stamp on it. As they move around a website, their browser submits the session cookie whenever the browser requests a new web page. This is how the site knows user preferences so the appearance can remain consistent. Once a person leaves the site, the session cookies placed on a user’s computer expires and is deleted from the computer. Blackboard does not monitor or track any individual’s browsing pattern.

    Persistent Cookies

    Persistent cookies help a site remember individuals as a previous visitor and can help a visitor by remembering settings from a previous session. An example is when someone responds to a poll question. A cookie is used to ensure each poll taker votes only once.

    Can visitors opt out of having cookies placed on “their” computer?

    Each user can set their browser to notify them when a cookie is received, giving the user a chance to decide whether to accept it. However, if someone chooses to reject cookies, that person may be prompted to log in multiple times (for those sections that require it) in the same browsing session but retains access to all information. Users can consult their browser documentation to learn how to modify cookie settings.

    Various links can be accessed from the District website. These links contain “cookies”, i.e. SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, Orange County Department of Education, California Department of Education, SoFe, Calendars, Office 365/Outlook, Health and Welfare, etc.

    The Ocean View School District is not responsible or liable for these links.

    The Ocean View Internet Policy

    Ocean View School District seeks to ensure that all materials placed on the District or school websites are placed in accord with copyright law and do not infringe on the rights of or harm others in any way. To accomplish this, the District is taking three steps.

    We have provisions in our Internet Use Policy that address copyright, defamation, harassment, invasion of privacy, and other harmful speech.

    We have established web site management procedures to review materials prior to placement on the District web site.


    (Internet Safe and Responsible Use Regulations, Board Policy, E(2)4040 K, page 7, “District Web Site Regulations”) 

    We will promptly respond to any issue of concern. If you have a concern about material placed on our website, please contact Julie St. Cyr at 714-847-2551, Extension 1313.