Welcome to the Teleconference Information Page

  • Thank you for your interest in our Board of Trustees Subcommittee meeting, to be held over teleconference (Zoom).

    Please click the Zoom button below to join the meeting.
    You may join the non-Zoom (YouTube) streaming link here.

    The Zoom meeting link is also at www.ovsd.org/subcommittee/connect 

    Zoom  YouTube

    The meeting ID for March 5, 2022 is: 837 0540 2972
    Password: None required.

    You may download the Zoom client at any time before the meeting at www.zoom.us/download

    PLEASE NOTE: The Zoom webinar platform requires all attendees to enter their name and e-mail address.
    If you prefer not to enter this information, you may view the webinar via live video stream using the link above.
    Please note that the live video stream may contain delays of 30-60 seconds past the Zoom webinar.

    Phone numbers to listen to the teleconference by phone are only available by joining the Zoom webinar.

    Technical support for the Zoom client may be found at https://support.zoom.us

    Neither the Superintendent's Office nor the Information Technology Department is able to assist with any technical issues you may experience regarding Zoom.

    Please submit your written comments no later than 3:00 p.m by clicking here.