I would like to take a college class relating to my job.

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A permanent or probationary classified employee is eligible to enter the Professional Growth Program if they are taking courses that reflect increased knowledge, understanding and skill in the employee’s regular assignment. This includes both full-time and part-time employees. Substitutes and temporary employees are not eligible.

An employee may earn credit by taking courses at universities, colleges, community colleges, trade schools, or adult education or attending training programs/conferences. One (1) point is given for each semester unit. Quarter units are converted to semester units. When twelve (12) professional growth points have been accumulated a lump sum payment of nine hundred dollars ($900.00) is made for a fulltime employees working 40 hours per week. Part-time employees will receive a pro rata amount based on the ratio of his/her regular assigned hours per week at the time the required number of points are approved by the committee.

Once you are ready, contact the Personnel Commission Office and ask for a complete Professional Growth Packet or you may also download a copy from our website at www.ovsd.org/pc. In the packet you would fill out a Declaration of Intent, Prior Approval and Verification Form of courses being taken, and Application for Payment of Professional Growth Increment when twelve (12) professional growth points have been collected