State Tax Withholding (DE 4)

In order to change your State tax status and/or number of allowances, please complete the top portion of the DE 4 Form clearly and without error. Common mistakes include the following:

  • Missing identity information (ie. home address, social security number, etc.)
  • Unchecked tax filing status (ie. Single, Married, etc.)
  • Missing number of allowances on Line 1, A or A+B
  • Incorrect Total Number of Allowances (A+B) listed under Line 1 (ie. 1 allowance on A, 1 allowance on B and 1 allowance on A+B)
  • Additional withholding listed on Line 2 that is not a flat dollar amount
  • Claiming allowances on Line 1 as well as checking EXEMPT status on Line 3
  • Missing signature and/or date

Should any information be missing or unclear, we will be unable to update your tax deduction or be required to set it to the default Single filing status with zero (0) allowances.

Please note that by law we cannot update your DE 4 form for you and you must initial next to any corrections that you make before resubmitting to Payroll.

State Withholding DE 4 rev. 2-2020.pdf, 126.15 KB; (Last Modified on April 24, 2020)