School Site Council Meeting Agenda #4 01.30.24

School Site Council Meeting Minutes #5

January 30, 2024

B. Call to Order
The SSC Meeting of January 30, 2024, was called to order by the principal at 2:30 PM.
C. Roll Call
Members present: Sign in January 30, 2024
D. Welcome & Introductions
The principal welcomed all in attendance and introductions were made.

Agenda Adoption for School Site Council Meeting on January 30, 2024.
The principal reviewed the meeting agenda. There was no discussion or questions.
A motion to approve was made by Bortz and seconded by Semmelman to approve as
Voting: Yes 11 No 0

Minutes Approval of Minutes from December 5, 2024
The Committee reviewed the details of the meeting agenda. Vista View School Site Council
Mtg #3 Minutes | December 5, 2023 There was no discussion or questions.
Approve as submitted. A motion to approve was made by Bortz and seconded by Morrissey to
approve as submitted.
Voting: Yes 11 No 0

Public Comment/Communication to SSC. There were no public comments.

SPSA Budget Update: The principal conducted a review of the budget, highlighting that
36.9% of the budget has been utilized, and spending for the school year concludes on
March 25, 2024. The allocation for Homework intervention, yet to be determined, will
influence the budget in alignment with the school's objectives. This assessment also
considers the retirement and Medicare deductions staff receive when paid.
The school is committed to covering the costs of a parent engagement event this spring
and sending teachers to a CUE conference. Once these expenditures are factored into
the budget, the Title I budget is expected to reach approximately 99%.
During the discussion, parent Maribel Fernandez raised a question about the budget,
specifically inquiring about the portion of Title I funds allocated to 8th graders. The
principal clarified that funding for 8th-grade end-of-year events comes from the
donation account, not the Title I account.
The team delved into the discussion of three funding allocations for music and arts:
$2,500.00, $33,000.00, and $100,000.00 (with the stipulation that 80% must be used for
staffing on a new program not currently in existence). Thus far, the principal has sought
stakeholder input, with suggestions including investing in an upgraded sound system in
the gym, funding a music competition and Knott's Berry Farm trip for music students,
and providing drones for the robotics students. The group engaged in a robust
discussion, covering various ideas:
Teacher Trish Bray inquired about whether the $100,000.00 was one-time funds, to
which the principal clarified that the funds are ongoing.
Parent Ashley Rippeon proposed considering art therapy, hiring two classified staff
members to maximize the budget, and providing digital drawing pads/graphic design
Teacher Daryth Morrisey suggested introducing a study skills class presented in an
engaging digital management format, along with drama and plays for performance
Classified staff member Linda Brackley recommended offering something before or
after school, such as a zero period.
Parent KeriGee Semmelman brought up the Best Buddies elective and requested funds
to host a picnic for the buddies to enhance their social skills.
Teacher Monina Bortz, following the meeting, added the idea of introducing a movie
production/editing class.
Old Business. There was no old business.

New Business

                  a. Assessment, Curriculum, and Program Effectiveness Standards Overview 6-8.pdf
Parent KeriGee Semmelmen asked about the curriculum. She wanted to know if what
was shown was a general overview or specific to Vista. The principal shared that the
page was an overview of the Common Core Standards.
Parent Involvement Policy Parent Involvement Policy and Title 1 Parent Involvement
Policy, Vista View Middle School Parent and Family Engagement Policy 23-24 .docx
There was no discussion.
Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy: Parent Involvement Title 1 Middle School Sample .pdf
There was no discussion.

Roundtable/Discussion. Parent Keri Gee Semmelman inquired about the conclusion of grades
for the second semester and whether there would be a report on attendance and grades. The
principal provided an update, stating that chronic absenteeism has decreased from 23% last
year to 15% this year. Currently, there are approximately 169 students with straight A’s out of
the total student body of 660 students. The principal will share all the numbers after the
semester grades officially close on February 7, 2024.
Concerning next year's projected enrollment, the parent sought information, and the principal
shared what she had been informed of at the current date and time. The parent, particularly
interested in information for 8th-grade parents, asked about the timing of the promotion
ceremony. The principal mentioned that this information will be communicated soon,
emphasizing the importance middle school principals place on obtaining this information to
share with families. Additionally, the parent inquired about the opportunity to include a memory
page in the yearbook. Parent Maribel Fernandez clarified that the memory page does not go in
the yearbook, and the principal explained that the 8th-grade promotion program has allowed
families to purchase additional pages in the past. All 8th-grade trips and events are scheduled
for June 2024.
Parent Ebonee Mallette, who also serves as a food service provider at Vista, provided an
update on how the team has been sharing responsibilities while awaiting the team lead
position to be filled. The principal acknowledged the strength of their team, noting that the
school has not felt the void of the position, a testament to Ms. Mallette and her team's
Next Meeting April 16, 2024

A motion to adjourn at 3:04 PM was made by Morrissey and seconded by Mallette.
Voting: Yes 11 No 0