School Site Council Meeting Agenda #2 10.17.23

School Site Council Meeting Minutes #2

October 17, 2023

A. Call to Order


C. Welcome and Introductions


D. Agenda Adoption -- Meeting of SSC on October 17, 2023

E. Minutes -- Approval of Minutes from last meeting September 11, 2023 School
Site Council Agenda and Meeting Notes One September 11, 2023

F. Public Comment/Communication to SSC

G. Reports
a. SPSA Update
The principal reviewed the budget and discussed current expenditures.

H. Old Business

I. New Businessa. SPSA Overview - Copy of SSC | SPSA Overview for Parents 2023-24.pptx
b. Attendance
c. Parent Education Opportunities

J. Roundtable/Discussion
a. Next Meeting December 5, 2023

K. Adjournment