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Circle View Eagles SOAR with Social Emotional Learning Continuum

Three students at Circle View in classroom Students sitting on classroom floor smiling In an effort to incorporate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into the core curriculum, Circle View Elementary School Teacher Miss Karnazes is adopting Disney’s “Inside Out” movie theme to facilitate social emotional thinking.

For example, students used a Flip Grid ( to identify and talk about their own personality, modeled after the Disney character Riley, who depicts the core emotions of anger, joy, fear, sadness, and disgust. Students learned that when one emotion takes over it controls their reactions. Three students with words "making CORE memories" They have been able to identify through a daily “check-in” process where they are on an “emotional scale,” which ultimately allows them to better control their reactions to stimulus/triggers and make appropriate choices. The process of self-awareness, choice and self-reflection has made a tremendous impact and helped create a positive classroom environment. 

Circle View students are cultivating a climate of understanding, empathy, growth, and respect.