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Oak View Students Learn Valuable Lesson at Assisted Living Center

Retired speech pathologist works with Oak View student She is a retired Speech Pathologist, who is 85 years-old and has forged a special bond with Oak View Elementary student Joshua over the last year and a half. Why?

A few years ago, students in Mrs. Davis’ 3rd-5th grade special day class read a story about neglected senior citizens. These students became interested in visiting a local Assisted Living Community. Thus began a special relationship between the residents at Merrill Gardens and the students in Room 21. Every couple of months, our students walk over to Merrill Gardens and spend a few hours with the residents. They usually perform a song, share a handmade gift, as well as make a craft together. Afterwards, using our classroom leveled readers, students read to these seniors. Smiles are on everyone’s faces as the children bring joy and companionship to residents.

There is more. These seniors are helping our students overcome reading disabilities. Some of the residents are retired teachers and speech pathologists, who enjoy continuing to use their professional skills. Our students are learning that happiness comes through building relationships, as well as important facts about WWll, through first-hand stories from veterans. Our students are often rewarded with an amazing lunch provided by the Merrill Gardens’ chef, Raphael. Raphael has shared his story of immigration and achieving his passion of serving the elderly.

For our students, Oak View staff and these seniors, the emotional reward of building multi-generational relationships is priceless.