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Westmont Art Lessons Come from Local Artist, Volunteer

Mr. Gilger with Westmont fifth graders Westmont Elementary fifth graders have the great privilege of learning visual art techniques from a local, professional artist, Greg Gilger. Mr. Gilger is a Huntington Beach resident and artist, illustrator, cartoonist, sculptor, caricaturist, sand sculptor, and muralist. You may have seen some of his artwork on the utility boxes throughout the city. He volunteers every week to share his love of visual art and teach standards-based lessons, incorporating the elements of art and the principles of design. Westmont students have learned to draw landscapes, animals, robots, and cartoon figures (see photo).

Mr. Gilger has high praise for our students’ willingness to learn. He says, “These kids are amazing artists!” The fifth grade students and teachers truly appreciate his level of instruction, his kind encouragement, and his dedication to our students. Thank you, Mr. Gilger!