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Village View Is Stirring Up NGSS with 'Mystery Science'

Students use "mystery science" to learn Village View Elementary students are digging into Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) this year. With the Ocean View School District’s teaching initiative in Depth of Knowledge levels 3 and 4 and the introduction of NGSS, Village View teachers are engaging students in "Mystery Science" lessons.

This web-based program provides students with a scientific problem to solve. “Why do leaves change color?” “Why are wild fires hard for fire fighters to put out?” “How much fresh water does the earth have?”  “How can we prevent landslides?” The students research and develop background information, then conduct experiments in which they create a solution or test out a design to solve a problem.

Teaching teams are connecting the NGSS standard to the "mystery" they select for their class. Village View students are truly engaged in these projects and learning experiences.

Principal Francesca Ligman is thrilled to have students applying science to real-world problems. "They are building the mindfulness needed for a global outlook on our Earth’s future," said Ligman. "We all know that when teachers are excited, students are exponentially excited, which means student outcomes soar!"