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Francesca Ligman Village View Principal

Principal Ligman

Principal Francesca Ligman, Village View Elementary School Dear Village View Families,

I am elated to begin year three serving this wonderful community.  Village View is thriving in both academic excellence and community involvement.  Our staff is committed to meeting the academic and social emotional needs of all students.  We are blessed to have a dynamic PTO supporting the work of our staff as well as planning a yearlong calendar full of parent involvement and family events to create lifelong memories for everyone. 

Along with the rigorous curriculum, we have added ST Math and Mystery Science to our repertoire of academic programs.  PTO helped fund ST Math, a uniquely visual approach to teaching math, developing deeper understanding and problem-solving skills for life-long mathematical success.  Our teachers will also be implementing science lessons from a web-based program, Mystery Science, tapping into student’s natural curiosity and exploring the phenomena’s of our world.   Additionally our teachers are challenging themselves and students to higher levels of critical thinking and problem solving across all subject areas. 

Community involvement is at the heart of Village View.  I am so proud to work with our PTO Board and all the gracious parents that put forth time and talent for our kids.  Our incredibly giving PTO raises large amounts of funds that directly benefit our students’ educational experience.  From Technology, field trips, campus beatification to safety, our school wouldn’t be what is without them.  This year, the calendar is full of many traditional events and some exciting new ones!  There are so many opportunities to be involved at Village View!

Communication and Safety are paramount at Village View.   Our friendly office is always ready to offer assistance.  Our team will be welcoming a new member as Miss Pat was promoted to Officer Manager at Spring View.  We will continue to be stringent with our check in and parking lot procedures.  All persons on site must have a badge. This year we will be implementing a new check-in system to verify all visitors and volunteers are cleared and safe to be on campus.  As before, I will continue the Tuesday evening message through AERIES, our new communication.  Information on these will be shared as it comes in.

Preparing our students today for a changing tomorrow requires lots of enrichment.  Village View will continue to offer enrichment afterschool and during school.  The cooking class was such a hit, we have already set that up for fall.  Throughout the school year, we will have Drama Club, more Lego STEM classes and our Art Explorers as well.  Instilling environmentally conscious citizens, an after school recycling club and water bottle filling stations are on the horizon.  At Village View, we embrace diversity and civic responsibility.  Students naturally build compassion and empathy as we integrate our special needs students into all daily activities.  Village View truly has so much to offer!

Can’t wait to start the 2018- school year with you!

With a splash, 

Mrs. Ligman