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John Ahlers Teamwork Assembly

At Star View School, we encourage all students to be STARS: Safe/ Team Players/Achievers/Respectful and Responsible.  John Ahlers, the Anaheim Ducks Play by Play Announcer emphasized the “T” in STAR during a recent Teamwork assembly. Mr. Ahlers described how all of us are part of a team whether in a family, class or playing sports. All team members have an important function. Groups of students were encouraged to practice teamwork by working together to dress a classmate in authentic NHL hockey equipment. Star View is so fortunate to have the ongoing support of the Anaheim Ducks through their SCORE street hockey training program provided to 4th grade students annually as well as other special opportunities and assemblies. With John Ahlers and Wild Wing it was like Anaheim Ducks Day at Star View Elementary. We appreciate the many ways our Orange County youth are inspired through our S.C.O.R.E. participation and partnership.