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Hands-On Learning at Oak View's Genius Hour

Mr. Cummins at the white board in classroom Oak View Elementary students participated in our 5th grade elective Genius Hour in April! Mr. Cummins, an architect with Dahlin Group Architecture Planning in Irvine (and who just happens to be married to an Oak View speech teacher), volunteered his time to educate our students about a career in architecture. He shared about his path to this career through an arts-focused college. Mr. Cummins showed pictures of projects he had designed, and he brought in a 3-D model for students to explore. He even showed them how he creates plans with special computer software.

To explore their own creativity, our 5th graders designed their own floorplans for their dream homes. They designed fun and innovative plans, including movie theaters, slides in place of stairwells, swimming pools in living rooms, and so many more great ideas!Genious Hour guest Mr. Cummins with staff and student

Genius Hour is based on the Google model of spending 20% of your day on a “passion project." Mr. Cummins helped inspire our kids to discover their passions and how to use them to improve our world.