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ASB Leaders Give, Receive Much More

Mesa View ASB Group Photo Mesa View Middle School staff and students take great pride in the climate and culture of their school. Associated Student Body (ASB), one of our leadership groups on campus, has set the bar high for the 2017-2018 school year with a focus on building student involvement and school spirit, while growing as a Mesa View family. With ASB as a year-long elective class this year, they have been given the gift of time! Advisor, Sarah Roberts, and her class of 7th and 8th grade students, have a fun-filled year planned for the Mesa View Eagles!

Working in collaboration with our WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) class, Mrs. Roberts has adopted the "Dude. Be Nice" mentality, which is all about promoting positivity on campus and in our community. Throughout the year, our leaders will spread this message through various events on campus, such as "Dude. Be Nice" Week, Red Ribbon Week, spirit assemblies, community outreach projects, fundraisers, and school dances, to name a few.

Mrs. Roberts asked her students what ASB is all about and what goals they have for the year. Here is what some of our ASB leaders said.

“ASB is about being a student body and uniting a school, bringing the whole school together because we are stronger together. Our school works together everyday to accomplish a better tomorrow. Being a leader at Mesa View is all about taking charge and setting the building blocks to becoming the best school we can be. ASB as a whole brings spirit, enthusiasm, and most importantly we make being a Mesa View Eagle something to be proud of!” - Noelle Sexton

First Day of School Group Photo “ASB is all about being an influence and making an impact on other students. It is a priority and responsibility to be able to be apart of. This year we plan to get everyone involved with our spirit days, dances, spirit assemblies, and fun activities we plan. Being a leader at Mesa View is about helping others and making others feel welcomed and feel like they belong.” - Kendall Heinrich

“During this school year, we plan to accomplish amazing things for Mesa View. There have already been milestones that we have overcome! For example, this year at our school dance there were more than 415 students who attended. Not only is it the most kids that have ever attended a dance, but it is almost half of our school! A leader at Mesa View is someone who wants the best for not only themselves, but for others. Each and every student in ASB strives to provide and work hand in hand with staff to help the school year succeed.” - Brock Lichthardt

Mesa View Spirit Day - Aloha Mesa View’s ASB is a huge privilege to be apart of. Our job is to do everything we can to make the school a better and a great place to be. As a class we will be able to accomplish more than ever! Our goal is to make a positive impact on Mesa View by making fun spirit days and spirit rallies. We plan to expand our spirit days and fundraisers with new ideas. I love the responsibility and leadership that comes along with being in ASB. This position makes you a leader of the school so you always need to be setting a great example.” - Osborne, Kenady

These leaders have spoken, and as you can see, ASB has big plans this year! Outreach, school pride, school involvement, spirit, and positivity are all goals that they have set. Our ASB leaders show on a daily basis that being a leader is about bringing the best out in others and being dedicated to leading by example. We are looking forward to the positive vibe that ASB will spread this year at Mesa View!