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Robots are Taking Over Lake View

Lake View Elementary School

Jamie Goodwyn, Principal

Students preparing their robots.

Robots Are Taking Over Lake View

The Lake View Robotics Team recently competed in the third annual Ocean View School District Robotics Competition. Not only did a few of our highly skilled fourth and fifth grade students get the opportunity to compete in the competition, our entire school, a STEAM school, also engaged in the wonderful world of robotics all year long. 

Students from Transitional Kindergarten to first grade had fun learning to code and manipulate Ozobots, which are tiny, age-appropriate robots. The teachers incorporate the Ozobots into learning, teaching students to code the robots, which follow shapes, numbers, and letters. Students in grades 2-3 have learned how to build and program Lego WeDo robots. When working with these robots, the students learn about motion, sensors, engineering, and programming. Eventually, our students become skilled enough in fourth and fifth grade to be on the Robotics Team and work with Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots.  This year’s team built and programmed their robots to go through obstacles and battle other teams. It is an amazing adventure!