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Lake View Watershed Project

Lake View Elementary School
Jamie Goodwyn, Principal

Lake View Explores Watersheds

Lake View’s fifth grade students participated in a four-month STEAM integrated and NGSS-based study of our local watersheds. As part of the Ocean Institute’s Watershed Program, students explored the relationship between natural processes and human impact. They were take through the four components of the program: a classroom visitation, a field trip to Dana Point, a comprehensive research project, and a culminating presentation.
Lake View’s teams presented their findings to hundreds of local fifth grade students about the safety of our local water, ranging from rainwater to the harbor, beach, and wetlands. With minimal support from their teachers, Lake View’s teams developed and conducted their experiments and presentations. They learned from their experiments that our watersheds are not as clean as they had hoped. Through this project, the students were able to become professional scientists by exploring their local environment and presenting their findings to the community.