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Learning About Habitats through the STEAM Model

At Lake View, our second grade students recently completed a project based learning unit focusing on Earth’s Biodiversity, World Habitats, and Classification of Animals.  Teachers incorporated the elements of STEAM into the student activities in creative ways.  Students gathered information online and in nonfiction text to create habitat presentation boards with information about the animals, plants, weather and unique characteristics of each habitat.  The students also engineered 3D models of these habitats, featuring clay and 3D printed sculptures of various animals who live there.  Students wrote both narrative and informative books about each habitat utilizing the website  Finally, students showcased their learning for parents and staff by either videotaping a Habitat News Report (utilizing Lake View’s green screen and video editing software) or performing an animal related Reader’s Theatre.  This was a fun way for the students to demonstrate their learning!  As a celebration, the students attended a field trip to the LA Zoo to see this unit of study truly come to life!