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Superintendent's Schools Task Force

  • Dear OVSD Parents/Guardians,

    As I previously shared, I am creating a Superintendent’s Schools Task Force. The Task Force will work together to develop a range of future options for the Board of Trustees to consider as it determines how to manage the District’s ongoing declining enrollment and low school(s) enrollment.

    The Task Force is composed of 40 members, representing schools; community members; teachers; classified employees; Principals; Special Education parents; Directors of Teaching & Learning, Special Education, and Facilities; and Executive Cabinet.  All school site representatives were selected from the Superintendent’s Schools Task Force applications. Task Force members will be asked to attend 1-2 meetings per month throughout the remainder of this school year and next school year, with the expectation to actively participate with an open mind, be able to make decisions based on the best interest of the whole District, agree to speak with a unified voice, share information with their school and collect feedback, and attend/present at Board Meetings as needed.

    Recordings of the meetings will be available at

    Dr. Michael Conroy

Task Force Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday, April 26, 2023 - click here to view the livestream / recording.
    Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - click here to view the livestream / recording.
    Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - click here to view the livestream / recording.
    Wednesday, June 7, 2023
    Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Task Force Meeting Notes

Special Education

  • Special Education Reps

    Shea Nolan and Jennifer "Jenny" Wildvank are dedicated parents and passionate advocates for children with disabilities. As Special Education Parent Representatives on the Superintendent's Schools Task Force, they bring valuable firsthand insights and a strong voice for special education parents.

    To receive Task Force updates from the Special Education Parent Representatives, please email Jennifer Wildvank at and Shea Nolan at

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Task Force Members

  • Task Force Facilitator

    Dr. Joe Farley


    School Site Representatives        

    Kim Fatum, Circle View         

    Jenny Wilson, College View         

    Melissa Overton, Golden View         

    Carrie Bentley, Harbour View                   

    Tricia Fairchild, Hope View                  

    Mikel Ehret, Lake View                       

    Daisy Rodas, Oak View         

    Natalie Shay, Star View        

    Keeley Pratt, Village View                  

    Bernadette Soares, Westmont        

    Brooke Pearce, Marine View         

    Jeanette McNamara, Mesa View         

    Rachelle Erickson, Spring View        

    Krystle Bevins, Vista View        

    Robert Espinoza, Preschool/Circle View    

    Community Representatives        

    Ben Blum, Community/At Large

    Bob Ewing, Community/At Large

    Oscar Rodriguez, Community/At Large

    Sally Frost, Community/Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC)

    Jadira Lopez, Community/District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

    Jenny Wildvank, Community/Special Education

    Shea Nolan, Community/Special Education

    Union Representatives

    Melissa Schaffer, CSEA

    Stephanie Doyle, CSEA

    Joy Hogate, OVTA

    Diane Taylor, OVTA

    Lisa Banuelos, OVTA

    Tracy Souders, OVTA

    Administration Representatives

    Jill Van Der Linden, Principal, Lake View

    Elaine Burney, ​Principal, College View

    Paul Kraft, Principal, Star View

    Jenna Landero, Principal, Oak View

    Isis Ortiz, Principal, Spring View

    Dr. Rasheedah Gates, Principal, Vista View


    District Office Support

    Cindy Pulfer, Administrative Assistant, Administrative Services

    Kristi Hickman, Director, Teaching & Learning

    Chileen Spaulding, Director, Special Education

    Jim Choate, Executive Director, Facilities & Transportation

    Keith Farrow, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services

    Reagan Headrick, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

    Dr. Julianne Hoefer, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

    Dr. Michael Conroy, Superintendent