Vista View Homework Club

  • General Information

    Homework Club is a free service offered to our Vista View students.  It generally begins the third week of school, and ends when SBAC testing begins in May.  It is held from 2:30pm - 3:30pm, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There is no Homework Club on minimum days.

    Vista View's Homework Club is generally split into 1- 4 different rooms.  There will be occasions that your child's regular Homework Club may be canceled unexpectedly.  If this happens, your child may seek out a different Homework Club room. If all Homework Club rooms are full, your child will be asked to walk home, call for pickup, or go home on the first after-school bus. 

    Homework Club Rules and Guidelines

    Students who go to Homework Club should be staying for the entire hour.  Please do not pick up your students early from Homework Club, as they may not receive a stamp (credit) if they are picked up early.  Students who check in to Homework Club and leave of their own accord to 'hang out' elsewhere will receive a consequence. Students must be picked up from Homework Club by 3:50pm - 4:00pm at the latest.

    Students should bring homework to Homework Club.  Students without homework or a library book to read should not be in Homework Club. Students who are not working are a distraction to others and will be removed and may receive a consequence. Repeat offenders may lose the privilege of attending.

    Only students who attend Homework Club, or stay under the tutelage of a teacher, may ride the late bus home, which arrives around 3:40pm - 3:50pm. Students without a Homework Club stamp will be denied entrance to the late bus and may receive a consequence.