Welcome to Visual & Performing Arts

  • Jungle Book performers from Westmont Welcome to Ocean View School District's Visual and Performing Arts program! We provide arts education opportunities in the four arts disciplines: Visual Arts, Dance, Theater, and Music for students from Kindergarten through grade 8.

    We encourage you to learn more about our programs and invite you to attend our amazing student concerts, performances, and events. Please see our OVSD and school calendars or contact your school office for more information.


  • Kathy Tryon
    Director, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
    (714) 847-2551 Ext. 1350

    Francesca Guillen
    Administrative Secretary
    (714) 847-2551 Ext. 1351

    Sue Broderson
    Principal Advisor
    (714) 847-3561 x 3450

    Lynn Silver
    Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator