Welcome to GATE

  • District Gifted and Talented Education logo Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program. The Ocean View School District is very proud of its GATE Program. We strive to provide the best possible program for our gifted and talented students. This section will provide information about our District's GATE entrance criteria, our calendar for the year, and links to our magnet program sites, flyers, and more.


  • Kathy Tryon
    Director Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
    (714) 847-2551 Ext. 1350

    Francesca Guillen
    Department Secretary, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment/GATE
    (714) 847-2551 Ext. 1351

    Doan Gibson
    GATE Placement 
    (714) 847-2551 Ext. 1301