Principal's Welcome Message

  • Dear Spring View Parents,


    I am so honored to be taking the helm as Principal at Spring View for the 2022-23 school year.  I am eager to engage with the Spring View community and I look forward to working with and getting to know you and your student(s).  My overarching goal is to provide strong and consistent leadership to Spring View.

    My experience as an Assistant Principal at Mesa View and Principal of OVSD Virtual Academy has prepared me to transition seamlessly to the principalship at Spring View.  I possess a strong background in creating a positive school climate, managing student behavior, overseeing school site operations, providing leadership for academic excellence, and engaging in open and transparent communication with students and families.  

    The middle school years are important and critical times for students.  What happens during these years will have a lasting impression on their growth and development.  As Principal, I will provide leadership that will facilitate a school environment that is safe and respectable, in order for your child to receive the best possible academic instruction.  

    I am looking forward to a great year with plenty of opportunities for our students to learn and grow both academically and socially!  Working together, I am confident that we will continue to provide our students with a truly rigorous and enriching school experience.


    Respectfully yours,


    Mrs. Isis Ortiz





    Mrs. Isis Ortiz

    Mrs. Isis Ortiz
    Spring View Principal
    (714) 846-2891 Ext. 2950