Vista View Middle School School Compact

  • At Vista View Middle School, we are committed to working with parents and students to provide the best possible educational experience. This school compact, developed by students, parents and teachers, is an attempt to ensure student success and achievement by providing a foundation of support and communication between school and home.

    As a student at Vista View Middle School I will:

     Come to school each day on time.
     Behave respectfully to adults and each other.
     Follow school rules.
     Respect school and personal property.
     Come to school prepared to learn with my notebook and supplies.
     Use my binder reminder daily to record assignments.
     Do assigned homework on time and neatly.
     Seek help before falling behind.
     Dress appropriately.
     Use my binder reminder as a communication link between my parents and my teachers.
     Access the Portal regularly to check my grades, assignments, and attendance

    As a parent I/we will assist in the learning and success of my child in school by:

     Attending Back to School Night, Student-Parent-Teacher conferences, Open House and other school events.
     Providing time and a quiet place for my child to complete all homework.
     Reviewing completed homework and monitoring the binder reminder with my child.
     Assuring that my child has a 3-ring notebook and all school-required classroom materials.
     Assuring that my child gets proper rest and nutrition for best school performance.
     Assuring that my child attends school regularly and on time.
     Providing my child with, and assuring that clothing is appropriate and adheres to the dress policy of Vista View.
     Modeling respect for school personnel, programs and rules.
     Utilizing the binder reminder to communicate with teachers.
     Accessing the Portal regularly to check my student’s grades, assignments, and attendance

    We understand the importance of the school experience as educators and models. Therefore, we agree to carry out the following:

     Provide an academic program that is rigorous and challenging for all students reflecting Ocean View School District’s commitment to the California State Standards.
     Provide a variety of quality learning experiences.
     Strive to address the individual needs of each child.
     Communicate with parents regarding student progress and achievement.
     Utilize the binder reminder as an ongoing communication tool.
     Utilize the Parent Portal to help parents assist their child.
     Provide a safe, positive and healthy learning environment for students.
     Model respect for school rules, programs and the entire school community.