Welcome to Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

  • The Ocean View School District is an outstanding place to learn and work. We align our organization around our core values that support our employees as they work together to realize the Ocean View Mission and Vision. Our core values of equity, excellence, collaboration, integrity, and innovation represent how we make decisions for our students and programs. We are focusing our efforts on closing the achievement gap that exists in our District, County, and State. We strive to continually improve the academic achievement of all our students and increase opportunities for them to be college and career ready. Our vehicle for how we do business is our Professional Learning Community. It drives our work by helping us focus on the most critical questions around improving student achievement.

    The questions we continually ask are:

    • What is it we want students to know and be able to do?
    • How do we know if they have learned it?
    • What do we do if they do not learn it?

    We continue to improve our work building a Professional Learning Community and continue our collaborative efforts in maintaining our Signature Practices including;

    • Thinking Maps
    • Write from the Beginning Strategies
    • Accessing Complex Text (Close and Critical Reading)
    • Explicit Instruction in Academic Vocabulary
    • Depth and Complexity Instruction

    These practices represent effective research-based strategies that are proven to help students access content, dive deeper into understanding the content and provide a structure to organize information in meaningful ways.

    Each year our District prioritizes our goals in order to continually improve teaching and learning. This year we are focused on Effective Lesson Design. Each site will build a renewed understanding of the elements of effective lessons. Throughout the next several years, we will dig deeper in planning and designing effective lessons for all students. This work is critical in evaluating the effectiveness of planning and teaching on student achievement. Our goal is to build the capacity of our teachers to lead at their sites and across the District and share their expertise in designing effective lessons with others.