Current Mesa View Information

  • Parking Lot Information:

    • Please note: Mesa View has a one-way parking lot, with the entrance on side the closest to Christa Palma.
    • Morning Drop-off & Afternoon Pick-up:
      • There are two lanes available for morning drop-off -The right lane is specifically a "drop-off" lane, while the left lane is a "go through" lane. All cars should stop or be guided by a staff attendant at the stop sign inside our parking lot, as this is also our student crosswalk. 
      • Students are expected to only use the crosswalk in order to cross the parking lot. 
      • Upon exiting the parking lot, note that this is a right turn only exit. This is to maintain the safety and traffic flow of our community.

    Enrollment Information - Enrollment 101 (English & Español)

    Independent Study FAQ - Please note that the independent study rules are currently being updated. Students are able to utilize independent study if going out of town/on quarantine for 5 days minimum and 10 days maximum. If going out of town, please call the front office at least a week in advance, preferably two weeks. If students do not complete their work upon their return, the independent study and attendance will not be credited.

    Independent Study Board Policy 6158 & Administrative Regulation AR6158

    Ocean View School District is proud to launch a District-wide subscription to Tumble Book Library!
    Tumble Books Flyer - English
    Tumble Books Flyer - Spanish
    Tumble Books Flyer - Vietnamese