• Accelerated Reading (AR) Program


    Independent reading is an important focus for our students.  AR is a reading program which encourages and motivates students to read books at school and home and earn points by taking computerized comprehension tests at school.

     The 2nd -5th grade teachers give students the STAR Test which provides a reading zone with the students’ independent reading level.  The College View library has colored labels on each book which identifies the reading level, point value and quiz number. Each of the above grade levels provides trimester goals

     2nd grade is 10 points 3rd grade is 15 points    4th and 5th grades are 20 points

    Students who meet these grade level goals will be recognized at our Awards Assemblies each trimester.  At the end of the year, all students who met all three trimester goals will be invited to the AR Game Party during lunch in June. We also have some fun incentives students can earn recognition for:

    Principal’s Wall of Fame

    Given each trimester a student accumulates 100 points


    Top Hat Award

    Given each trimester a student reads 1,000,000 words


    Legends Wall

    Given each trimester a student reads a series of books*

    *The amount of books in the series will be agreed upon with the student, teacher, and librarian before students begins reading.


    The AR program also has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect.  Families will receive information about this from their classroom teacher. Also, when choosing books from home or the public library, please check online at arbookfind.com to determine if the book is in the AR system. If you have any questions, please ask your classroom teacher.

    Thank you for supporting your child reading at home.