• Gifted and Talented Education Program (G.A.T.E.)

    Star View is now a Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Magnet School in the Ocean View School District. The Star View staff and I are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to raise the level of academic rigor of our already outstanding program. 

    As a GATE magnet school, students identified as gifted and talented in grades 3-5 are placed in G.A.T.E. classes and receive instruction and learning opportunities unique to the G.A.T.E program. 

    In addition, we will continue to offer a robust curriculum, implement higher level learning strategies, and infuse high expectations throughout our school. Star View staff is taking advantage of additional professional learning opportunities and will continue to engage students in a variety of innovative learning experiences. Star View is soaring high, as we continue to “Shine Together with Awesome Results.”

    GATE instruction and lessons focus on four key GATE teaching standards that include: depth, complexity, acceleration, and novelty. Teachers ask students open-ended questions, helping them to develop critical thinking using how and why. Students are encouraged and challenged to explain the rationale behind their thinking. 

    Star View’s GATE instructional program will benefit all students and staff. I feel it can best be summarized in the following quote:

    “Every student has the right to be appropriately challenged and to engage in the development and activation of potential,” said Jessica Manzone, Ph.D., GATE researcher. “Whether or not it ever leads a student to a formal gifted identification or not, doesn’t make any difference. We’ve raised the level of academic rigor for all children.” 

    We look forward to embarking on this next exciting chapter in Star View’s story with you.