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10 Things You Should Know about Today's OVSD

    1. OVSD Relationships Matter

      Teachers rank in the top 20% of the Best in California—

    2. Test scores are above state and county averages in math and language arts

    3. Circle View and Star View named 2018 California Distinguished Schools

    4. 2018 survey shows 90% of OVSD families believe their child gets a high-quality education

    5. OVSD offers a variety of cutting-edge, innovative magnet programs, including:

      Environmental Science—Golden View

      Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering, Mathematics (STEAM)—Lake View
      Visual & Performing Arts Academy (VAPA)—Westmont

    6. Golden View—the only local elementary environmental science program, which includes a 2.5-acre farm with animals and garden

    7. Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) magnet schools offer identified students a  research-based continuum in grades 3-8

    8. Comprehensive Writing Continuum through all grade levels for 21st century communication skills

    9. Campus renovation programs and state-of-the-art security systems thanks to $169M school bond

    10. Award-winning educational staff recognized at national, state, and county levels for expertise