• Vista View Middle School

    6th Grade Elective Options 2019-20




    Beginning Band - In this class, students will learn to play a new instrument or advance on one they may have learned in elementary school. There are many instruments to choose from.  Students will also:  1) Learn the basics of reading and writing music, 2) Gain performance experience, and 3) Enhance teamwork skills.  Beginning Band members will perform in a Holiday Concert in December and an “end-of-the-year” Concert in May.  Beginning band caters to beginners of ALL grade levels and not just entering sixth graders.  Previous experience and/or an audition will be required to move on to Advanced Band if necessary and/or appropriate. (See Mr. Field)


    Beginning Choir  - Do you like to sing?  Do you wish you could sing better?  Choir members learn professional singing techniques which improve their singing skills.  Choir members also have fun singing songs in a variety of styles  - from contemporary songs one hears on the radio to Classical music, including selections in various foreign languages. Choir members also learn concepts of music theory (reading and writing music) and music history.  The Beginning Choir will perform in a Holiday Concert in December and an “end-of-the-year” Concert in May.  They also will participate in the Ocean View District Arts Festival, a Southern California Vocal Association (SCVA) Choral Festival, and, possibly, a Disneyland trip.  All choir members are also eligible to audition for the SCVA Honor Choir.  (See Mr. Field)


    Exploratory Wheel - Students will take a rotating set of shorter courses which provide exposure to multiple skills. Exploratory offerings are subject to change based on staff expertise and scheduling needs. Past courses in the exploratory wheel include: Art, Robotics, STEM, Music Appreciation, Drama, and Google. The following courses are tentatively scheduled to be offered on the wheel in 2019-20:

    Leadership Intro - (See Ms. Luu)

    Art - (See Mrs. Cho)

    Digital Content Creation in Google - This course is designed to provide an introduction to the Google Suite of apps as well as apps and extensions available in Google to enhance created content. This class requires students to engage in various projects, both alone and collaboratively with others, creating products such as: cartoons and characters in Google Drawing and the ColorPicker extension, surveys or quizzes through Google Forms, and using charts and manipulating data with formulas in Google Sheets.  Students will also explore 3D Printing using Tinkercad, as well as Green Screen video and pictures with DoInk on iPads and Choose Your Own Adventure Stories are created by linking Google Slides together.  Students will practice typing daily and create a digital portfolio of their work. (See Ms. Clancy)

    Musical and Performing Arts - Students will be exposed to new and exciting experiences in sewing, performing skits, making movies, and singing and dancing opportunities.  Students will also be introduced to Chorus and Musical INstrumentation, including a beginning to Guitar.   (See Mr. Field)




    WINDOW TO MAKE SELECTIONS Monday-Sunday April 1-7, 2019