Instructional Programs

  • Honors Program
    Students who exhibit a high level of achievement in Language Arts may participate in the Honors Language Arts and Social Science classes. The teachers enrich the grade level standards to challenge their students. Students are identified for this class based on Smarter Balanced English Language Arts Assessment scores, fluency levels, comprehension scores, District Benchmark scores, grades and teacher recommendations. Students must maintain at least a B grade in each class each trimester, have outstanding citizenship and work habits each trimester, as well as continue to score in an Advanced or high Proficient manner in all District and State assessments to continue in the program the following year.  

    Advanced Math
    Spring View offers an advanced math program for students who are advanced in mathematics. These classes move at a faster pace and emphasize application of mathematical concepts. Placement is based on placement tests, SBA scores, teacher recommendation, grades and overall student achievement.

    Special Education Services
    Spring View hosts a wide variety of special education services including Resource Specialists, a Speech Therapist, and Special Day Classes. Our staff looks to integrate services and classes as much as possible to offer students a least restrictive environment which maximizes our students' experiences and our staffs' expertise.

    With the assistance of our PTSO, Spring View has been able to provide students with access to technology. All classrooms are equipped with a SMART board and projector, as well as a document camera. All of our 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams have ChromeBook carts with ChromeBooks provided by both our district and our PTSO, ChromeBook carts with 36 ChromeBooks that the entire school can utilize. The staff attends on-going trainings to maximize the use of these exceptional instructional tools. In addition to the ChromeBook carts we have one computer lab teachers and students may utilize. Our computer lab hosts Exploratory Wheels at all grade levels as well as provides a place for students to complete assignments during recess when needed.

    Spring View offers a wide range of music classes for our students to chose from. No matter if students are a beginning musician or an advanced performer, Spring View has a class for you!  Music choices include, Chorus, Begining Band and Advanced Band.  

    Through lectures, hands-on activities, demonstrations and assessments, students will gain knowledge, skills and abilities that will endable them to construct small wood structures and projects. This may include: dragster construction, flight technology, bridge building, and reverse engineering. 

    Students will learn page design, publishing techniques, copy writing, editing and photography while creating a a yearbook filled with memories. 


    Students will engage in the entire plant cycle process from planting, growing, reaping and sowing with an engaging curriculum, time to get their hands dirty all while learning and doing! Active learning at its finest. 

    Video Production

    Students will begin to learn how to plan, shoot, edit and produce their own video messages, commercials, and short films.