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    I am so excited to be at Lake View. I have taught k-3 here for 21 years with most of my years being in second grade. The past few months, I have been very busy designing Projects that will meet the new STEAM model. Each project will begin with a real world problem that students will research and present a final solutions based project for. The Next Generation Science Standards will be our driving questions and we will use a sustained inquiry design through the duration of each project lasting 3-6 weeks.

    Our first Trimester will start with Life Science and investigating biodiversity, needs of plants, pollination and seed dispersal. We will take the roles of zoologists, agricultural engineers, and entomologists to design a model habitat and zoo plaque, build bottle terrariums, and engineer hand held pollinators. Our second trimester will cover Earth Science. We will study effects of weathering and erosion and land-forms. Science experiments will include building a model barrier that protects a sandcastle from the effects of erosion, as well as, engineering a strong wall that will withstand a wrecking ball using different earth materials. The third trimester is physical science. We will test out properties of materials to see what uses the best serve and design an improved playdoh process. Discovering that small things can be put together, taken apart, or be used in bigger designs will also be investigated.

    Computer Science is the worlds fastest growing demand in the work place. Programs like SmartTech, ST Math, iready math and reading, story Jumper, keyboarding, robotics, web based research, Google documents and  google classroom will be used on a daily bases.  Each student will have their own chrome book assigned to them to use through out the day. Technology will play a big part in our day and used often.

    Students often reply that building and making things are something they look most forward to in school. Our school purchased the program EIE (engineering is elementary) which comes in kits that reflect a real life profession and an engineering project in that of the field of study. We will be using one kit each trimester. We will also have engineering tubs inside our classroom. There will be many opportunities for students to imagine, design, and redesign as they experience the engineering design process. 

    Visual arts will be explored throughout the year with projects that will fit into our units of study. Art principles and elements will be taught as they lead up to a Meet the Master style Art Project. Our class will be performing in Reader's Theater where they make props, sets, and costumes or masks. We will discuss audience, staging, and voice. 

    Students will have two computer based math programs as well as our adopted math program. There will be a lot of hands on activities as well as book practice. Students will be taught in both whole group and direct instruction groups. We will meet weekly to do math talks as we find ways to solve math problems in our head or to simplify more difficult problems using strategies like making tens, doubles and near doubles. Students will be taught in both whole group and direct instruction groups.

    As we embark on this  adventure please feel free to contact me with questions and concerns using the Class Dojo Link.  I am planning new curriculum and things may modify or change as the year progresses.



Phone: 714)842-2589 ext 2503


Degrees and Certifications:

Minor in Business Bachelors in Psychology Masters in Curriculum and Instruction

Ms. Tracey Russo


     My name is Tracey Russo and I am 47 years old. I have been teacher in OVSD working at Lake View for 20 years. The majority of my career has been in second grade. I taught kinder for 6 years and a few combinations classes that included first and third. I am excited for our STEAM model and believe we are taking students in the right direction to have the college and career ready. I am the team lead for second grade, CLOSE reading trainer and PBIS coach for our site. 

     I have a daughter who attends Lake View. My hobbies include cooking, cycling and biking, and crafting.  I spend my free time having fun with my daughter going to some of our favorite places: the beach, Knott's Berry Farm and Boomers.