Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program!

  •  EPIC Icons



    Embolden Passions that Inspire Change 


    elevated; great historical importance; vast in scope; covering great nations, the world or the universe; actions important to the history of a nation or people.


  • Mission

    We hold high expectations for all students through rigorous and relevant educational experiences that support and guide them to become responsible, ethical, productive, and involved citizens. 


    Every student has the right to be appropriately challenged and we strive to engage in the development and activation of each student's potential. 


  • Values

    We Believe: 

    In strong, foundational learning and core academics; 

    In safe, nurturing, and growth-minded environments;

    In empowering students to be thinkers and change agents;

    In the power of curiosity; 

    In the genius of each child; 

    In developing grit, empathy, and integrity; 

    In inspiring passion;

    In innovation and risk taking; 

    In positively impacting our community.



  • Kristi Hickman
    Director Teaching and Learning/GATE
    (714) 847-2551 Ext. 1307

    Francesca Guillen
    Department Teaching and Learning/GATE
    (714) 847-2551 Ext. 1351