HBUHSD includes the following schools:

    Ocean View High School

    Huntington Beach High School

    Westminster High School

    Edison High School

    Fountain Valley High School

    Marina High School

    Coast High School

    Valley Vista High School


    If your home (assigned) high school is within the HBUHSD and you want to enroll in a different high school within the HBUHSD, please read the following information:

    The HBUHSD has implemented the Aeries Student Information System.  Just as you did Enrollment online on the OVSD Aeries Parent Portal for Vista View, you will need to do the same for HBUHSD.  Please note that OVSD has a different Aeries Parent Portal log-in page than HBUHSD (our page is portal.ovsd.org, and their page is my.hbuhsd.edu).

    In mid-January a letter from HBUHSD, with your new Aeries log-in information -phone #, new ID #, and new Verification Code (or VPC). If you have not received this by the end of January, you need to call your home high school and get this information from them.

    Once you receive this information, go to the HBUHSD Aeries portal and follow directions to Create New Account.  When you create the new account, notice that your home high school is displayed at the top of the page. Once you have created the account, log into My Classes with your new Aeries account email and password. Click the button there that says "Enrollment Confirmation-Click for Open Enrollment" and follow directions to choose your preferred high school.

    You may receive an email confirmation of acceptance, but if you do not, you can check status by logging into the HBUHSD Aeries Parent Portal again and checking which school is listed at the top.