• Steps to take if you are having trouble logging into Google Classroom

    Here are the steps to share with parents if they are still unable to log in to your Google Classroom:


    1. Restart computer
    2. Go to Google.com
    3. Click on 'Sign In' or icon in top right corner
    4. Log in using the student's OVSD email login and password
    5. Go to ovsd.org/go
    6. Log in to Clever using the student's ovsd email login and password
    7. Click on the green Google Classroom icon
    8. If the student has already been added to the class they will have immediate access
    9. If the student has not been added to the class, they need to click the plus sign in the upper right hand corner and select join class, then enter the class code provided by the teacher
    10. Email the teacher if you are not successful