How to get Money for Mesa from "Box Tops for Education"

  • ** Using an app on your mobile device and your store receipt, you can save yourself from having to cut out box tops!  (The app will scan your store receipt and automatically identify if you purchased an item with a qualifying Box Top.)


    To Get the App:

    1. Using your mobile device, go to

    2. Use the appropriate link there to install the app on your device (Apple or Google Play).

    3. Open the app.

    4. Sign in if you already have an account.

      1. If not, sign up.

      2. There are multiple Mesa View schools, so be sure to choose “Mesa View Middle School” (in Huntington Beach, CA 92647)


    To use your Store Receipt to get credit for a Box Top:

    1. On your mobile device, open the Box Tops app.

    2. Touch “Scan” and follow the displayed instructions.

    3. Enter your name using the “Credit” icon if you want credit for your submission.