• Dance Team 2020-2021
    Thank you to all who auditioned last week. Each and every one of you showcased
    tremendous amount of talent, which in turn made the casting decisions all the more
    difficult. Many factors went into the casting considerations, including teacher
    recommendations, conflicts, academic performance, attendance, and citizenship.
    Whatever the outcome, please be encouraged and proud of yourselves for putting
    yourselves out there! Also know that there are plenty of opportunities outside of
    Dance Team to be part of the Marine View Performing Arts program, for example,
    choir, band, and Dance/ PE.

    In order to accept your part as a member of Dance Team 2020-2021 please EMAIL
    MRS. SANFORD @ksanford@ovsd.org by no later than Monday, June 1st, at noon
    to let me know you will accept your position. This step is mandatory in order to
    remain a part of the team.

    Natalie Chrestensen-7
    Clarissa Dobbs-8
    Tiana Heaton-8
    Chloe Luna-7
    Alex Malatesta -7
    Avery Malone-7
    Elly Malone-7
    Landon Mariano-8
    Daniella Martinez-7
    Isabelle Pacheco-7
    Taylor Reich-7
    Kincey Wilson-8