Social Media Guidelines

  • The Ocean View School District encourages the responsible use of social media districtwide in support of its students, families, employees, and communities. This is one of the many ways we can each promote the District’s Core Value of Integrity, as stated in our five-part Strategic Plan—The OVSD Edge (Encouraging a Deliberate and Global Education): We model and nurture relationships that promote respect, transparency, and honesty to ensure the well-being of all students.

    Responsible use of social media also demonstrates OVSD’s unwavering commitment to its Strategic Plan; in particular, the Focus Areas of “Engaged Community” and “Safe and Respectful Environment.” Constructive online forums and communications help us to maintain positive relationships and foster safety and well-being among students, staff and parents. As partners in the education of over 8,800 Preschool-Grade 8 students, we all share in our District’s Mission:

    We hold high expectations for all students through rigorous and relevant educational experiences that support and guide them to become responsible, ethical, productive, and involved citizens.

    Upon hire, OVSD employees are provided with a memorandum on Tips for Working Smart: Social Media and our Board’s Internet Safe and Responsible Use Policy and Regulations, which are available in our Human Resources Department. Additionally, our students are provided with a social media policy and asked to abide by its terms upon the start of the school year.

    We are proud to represent OVSD among social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope our involvement will encourage meaningful discussions related to educating children in today’s world. With responsible and constructive use, these forums can help our teachers, parents and community members build strong bonds and nurture support systems for our highest priority: CHILDREN.

    Please visit the official OVSD Facebook page at and feel free to “Like” us! Follow us on Twitter at or Instagram at For the OVSD You Tube Channel, click here.

    Thank you.