Principal's Welcome Message


    Dr. Gates       Welcome Falcons!

    It is with great enthusiasm that I extend a warm welcome to all Vista View Falcons for the 2023-2024 school year. As the principal of Vista View Middle School, I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful community and collaborative staff in the Ocean View School District.

    This school year holds special significance for me as it marks my first-time leading Vista in a traditional manner. Let me provide some context to explain my excitement. When I first came to Vista, we shifted to distance learning in the spring of 2020. The following year, we adopted a hybrid learning model and prepared to relocate the entire school campus to an interim site for modernization. Over the subsequent two years, we either operated off-site or focused settling back into our newly modernized facility. Despite having been the leader of this premier school for nearly five years, this will be the first year without tremendous changes, and I am genuinely eager to see what we can achieve together.

    Our dedicated staff is passionate about the success of our students. We aim to foster meaningful learning opportunities, especially for students in special education through a new program designed to accelerate their areas of giftedness. Additionally, we take pride in our GATE program, which serves students across all three grade levels. To support this initiative, more than 90% of our teachers have undergone or are currently undergoing GATE certification training. Moreover, our school offers unique academic achievements through robust CTE elective pathways, project-based learning opportunities, and a focus on STEAM subjects.

    Continuing the tradition, I am committed to building strong partnerships with families and the wider community. I have already had the pleasure of meeting remarkable individuals, and I am continuously seeking opportunities to strengthen ties with the Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach communities.

    It remains an absolute privilege to lead the Falcon Family. Once a Falcon, always a Falcon. And Vista Falcons, SOAR!


    Dr. Gates