Fencing Projects in OVSD

  • Safety Fencing: Phase I

    From Dr. Carol Hansen, Superintendent

    As you know, our voters passed a $169 million General Obligation Bond in 2016. Providing safe, secure campuses was a key campaign promise. In April 2019, we started the installation of Phase I of safety fencing at seven schools: Westmont, Village, Circle, Golden, Lake, Hope, and Harbour. When we return to school in September, all of these campuses will be fully enclosed with one secure entrance to the school site during school hours. School office staff will more easily be able to monitor visitors to our campuses and decrease the potential for unwanted intruders.

    Having one point of entry to our schools will be a major shift in behaviors and practices in Ocean View. We have assembled a committee of staff, parents and community representatives to establish security protocols related to gates and access to our campuses, both during and after school hours. We are developing best practices for check-in and check-out, gate closure and opening, weekend access for organized sports and community use, and related topics. Our goal is to establish clear, consistent safety protocols across the District, and then communicate them to all of our stakeholders.

    Please check back for updates as our projects progress.