• Global Statement for 4/5 Elementary School Music:

    All fourth and fifth grade students receive weekly music instruction from fully credentialed music teachers.  Students learn to identify and describe basic elements in vocal and instrumental music guided by California State Key Content Standards.  Students work together towards an annual performance goal where they can demonstrate their self-discipline, creativity, appreciation, and expression through their acquired skills as growing young musicians.

    Fourth Grade Level:

    In fourth grade, students receive instruction in reading and vocal performance of simple songs and melodic notations.  They will sing a variety of music from diverse genres and world cultures with a vocal emphasis on creating harmonies through rounds, partner-songs and ostinatos accompanied by classroom percussion instruments. Students are introduced to basic music appreciation, history and vocabulary.  Students also learn to read, write and perform simple rhythmic patterns using eighth notes, quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, whole notes and rests.   

    Fifth Grade Level:

    In fifth grade, students receive instruction that builds upon music skills previously acquired.  In addition, students advance by learning to read, write and perform simple melodic notation on the treble clef in major and minor keys. Through the curriculum, they are exposed to a wide variety of music genres from various time periods and world cultures where students focus on developing criteria to support personal preferences for specific musical styles. Individual creativity is developed and expressed through performing basic rhythmic and melodic patterns on beginning instruments including the soprano recorder.