What We're Hearing from Our OVSD Employees!

  • Spring View teachers Nancy Hoyt, Spring View Middle School Teacher
    Sonia and I (photo, top left) have made a fabulous connection this year. We both worked at Spring View last year, but our paths never crossed. This year, we teach the 8th grade ELD class together. We are a terrific team! It has been such a joy to work together, to share about our families, and to learn about each other's passions. I look forward to working with her every day! Relationships do matter!

    Paul Kraft, Hope View Elementary School Principal
    One thing I like to do with our Kindergarten parents is to take time to meet with them. I listen to their concerns and try to share our programs with them. For example, I highlight the proactive steps we take to work with disciplinary issues, such as our school-wide PBIS system. I share steps I’ve taken to review the situation, and then I relay all that we do as a school to provide the safest environment possible. Finally, I try to keep the lines of communication open throughout the year.

    Scott Mooney, Vista View Middle School Principal
    AP Grunbaum at back to school As a school, Vista View is building positive energy amongst our students with the bicycle giveaway, thanks to the support of the Kiwanis Club of Huntington Beach. Personally, I enjoy building relationships with the recipients and their families. One of our students wrote a personal note to the Kiwanis Club to say "thank you." Assistant Principal Jadyn Grunbaum (photo, right) used the incentive program to encourage students to be positive, contributing members of our school community during our opening of school assembly.

    Teachers at Vista View are building relationships with each other and with teachers from our feeder elementary schools during the Project-Based Learning (PBL) training in August. Teachers came during their time off to work together, designing rigorous and engaging lessons for students.

    Ms. Cho had students write a note to their parents for Back to School Night. Parents wrote notes of encouragement back. It was a perfect example of #RelationshipsMatter.

    Growth mindset wall display Ms. Bees used the ideas of growth mindset to build relationships with students. It’s created a classroom culture where students know they are respected, valued, and that they can do anything they put their mind to.

    Ms. Gamal is teaching American Sign Language as an elective for 7th and 8th graders. Students are learning how to make connections with others through a new language.

    Mr Landero on the soccer field Mr. Landero (photo, left) builds relationships on the soccer field with all students.

    Leslie Flores, Star View Elementary School Teacher
    Here is a video of how I greet my students each day before we start our day. Star View Teacher Leslie Flores with her class

    Jamie Serafin, Hope View Elementary School Teacher
    For years I make sure I go through my morning line and I say good morning to each of them and I check in with them asking them how they are today, noticing if they’re looking tired, upset or possibly a little disheveled from a busy morning.  I reassure them that the day can only get better. At the end of the day I always say goodbye to my students with a high 5 so that I make that final contact with them. 

    Working in small groups also allows me to have those quick conversations with them that teach me so much about who they are outside of their academic profile. It gives me those little tips about them that I can always refer back to during lessons or in further conversations with them. 

    I have always noticed that students try harder and accept feedback more willingly when there has been time taken to get to know them. It also teaches them to care about others. I find them asking me how I am or about my weekend. I feel more successful as an educator on the days where I have had the time in class to share a few minutes with each student. It is always a goal of mine to have more time to do that each day.

    College View students Mandy Corriere, College View Elementary Teacher
    I’ve been working on developing a relationship with each and every one of my 29 second graders here at College View. I’ve learned they all have unique needs, and they are special in their own way. I am implementing a new form of teaching this year called “Whole Brain Teaching,” and I just love that it allows me to build on those relationships on an individual basis.

    I try my best to connect with a different student each day. For example, I read with different students on a one-one basis, which allows for that connection to take place. I have lunch with different groups of students to get to know them on a personal level. I check in with different students each and every day. Teaching is my passion, and I’m learning to do the best I can with the resources I am given.

    Jim Riner, Director, OVSD Food & Nutrition ServicesGolden View principal with food and nutrition director
    I recently had the opportunity to visit with Golden View's new principal, Lori Florgan. It was a great opportunity to tour the school and experience our curriculum inside the classroom. I witnessed engaged students and comfortable learning environments. Lori and I discussed the school's newly launched innovative program, which is focused on environemental science. We got to know each other better. One of the coolest times, for me, was touring the Golden View farm and gardens. We were able to discuss a collaboration between the Environmental Science Program and Food & Nutrition Services. The photograph I included is a zucchini that we picked at the farm during our tour.  I’m excited to work with Lori and develop that partnership between her programs and mine and continue developing our working relationship.