• 2019-2020 SCHOOL FISCAL YEAR

    Authorized Purchases:

    The Purchasing Department has the general responsibility for the purchase of all material, supplies, equipment, services etc as needed. A Purchase Order is required for all purchases unless otherwise noted. Only the purchasing staff has the authority to issue, revise, or ammend any purchase orders.


    Staff should submit any requests for a Purchase Order as a requistion to the purchasing department by mail. Some requisitons may require addictional documentation before a requsition is processed. Please ensure that you have gathered all the necessary attachments in order to make the process as smooth as possible. Requistions may be required to be accompanied by any, or all of the following documents:

    • Quote (s)
    • Confirmations
    • Item Details
    • Workshops/Field Trips Details
    • W-9 Form (For all new vendors)

    **NOTE: ALL technology related items or products will not be processed without a quote from the vendor and approval by Information Services.

    Purchasing Flow Chart:



    Blank Purchase Requisition