About the Personnel Commission

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    Since 1966, Ocean View's Personnel Commission has ensured that fair and efficient methods are used to hire and retain the most qualified classified employees based upon merit and fitness without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, political affiliation, national origin, or disability which may be reasonably accommodated, and with proper regard for their privacy and constitutional rights as citizens.

    The Personnel Commission at Ocean View is an independent body made up of three community volunteers each appointed for three year terms. By law, one member of the Commission is appointed by the District's Board of Trustees, one member by the classified employees (California School Employees Association Chapter #375), with those two appointees jointly agreeing on the selection of the third Commissioner. To be eligible for appointment or reappointment to the Commission a person shall (a) be a registered voter within the jurisdiction of the school district and (b) be a known adherent to the principle of the merit system. Reappointment is conditioned upon successful demonstration and support of Merit System principles and practices. Commissioners serve without pay, donating their time and talents to serve the District, classified employees and the entire Ocean View Community.