You Choose! Text, Email, Phone Messages

  • As a parent/guardian in OVSD, you are asked to open a Parent Portal account* and complete your Contact Records** (names, phone/cell numbers, etc.) in the Parent Portal.

    You will have access to:

    • Your child's school information
    • Emergency and important general messages from your school and OVSD

    From the Parent Portal, click on the Communications link and you'll have access to set up your Profile and set your Notification Preferences for each type of communication from Ocean View School District: Text, Email, and Phone Messages.  

    If you miss a message, just open Communications from the Parent Portal, and you will have a continuous feed of all messages ever sent to you. Your feed is accessible to you from any device, at any time.

    Parents/Guardians in separate homes may have separate Parent Portal accounts for the same child(ren). This allows for individual notification preferences and feeds.

    **Please keep your contact information up-to-date in the Parent Portal. This information is used to contact you during an emergency or important general messaging.

Ways We Communicate in OVSD