What You Need to Know

  • Measure R bond modernization is one of the most comprehensive, important facilities projects that the Ocean View School District has ever undertaken. Following its passage in November 2016 thanks to the generous support of our community, we committed to pursuing these projects with strict adherence to safety, the least amount of disruption to learning, efficiency and economy, maximum oversight of the construction process, and timeliness.

    This past March, Dr. Michael Conroy, Deputy Superintendent of Administrative Services, presented our Board of Trustees with updated, detailed information about our Measure R modernization projects, costs, and timelines. Taking into consideration actual interim housing costs, Measure R bond cash flow, stakeholders’ input on school priority needs and architectural designs, and construction phasing, OVSD will modernize one school each year.

    Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, Westmont Elementary School will be modernized. Westmont students and staff will move to the Sun View campus, which will now serve as our interim housing campus during each schools’ modernization project. Construction at Westmont will be completed in time to welcome everyone back for fall 2019.

    Next will be College View Elementary School in the 2019-2020 school year. During modernization, College View students and staff will safely attend school at the Sun View campus.

    View the most recent Board Update related to our Sun View campus project and the construction timeline this summer.

Sun View: Summer 2018 Construction Timeline

  • As of July 1, 2018, Sun View Elementary School will close and its students, families and staff members will become an important part of Westmont Elementary School, home of the Ocean View School District's new Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Academy for elementary students.

    Sun View families and staff have been in a two-year process of closing their campus. Recently, they held a special event in which former principals, teachers, and other staff reunited to pay tribute to Sun View's rich history.

    In order to safely prepare the Sun View campus to now serve in its new capacity as the Measure R interim housing site, we are reconfiguring the campus layout with modern portable buildings, restrooms, and facilities. View a detailed rendering of the Sun View site plan from a recent Measure R Board Update (May 8, 2018).

    • May 5 - Demo ball walls and basketball courts
    • May 12 - Survey and stake portable classroom locations, construct temporary fencing
    • May 21 - Begin delivery of portable classrooms
    • June 29 - Final day for staff to pack and clean out offices and classrooms