The OVSD Blueprint

  • The OVSD Blueprint communicates our core values, overarching goals and operational practices.

  • Core Values

    Innovation, Integrity, and Equity

    Learners will achieve and develop the skills to live productively in a changing society with confidence, compassion, and enthusiasm for life-long learning.

    Learners are offered innovative, unique programs to enrich and magnify their learning experience.

    Learners are provided an engaging environment that encompasses the whole child, including safe learning experiences and secure campuses.

    Positive and respectful interactions are fostered with all students, staff, and families.

    Two-way communication is practiced and valued, allowing for honest feedback, direction, and guidance.

    District resources are unified in order to maximize funds, support equity, and ultimately support student success.

    Staff are valued for their expertise and are provided current and purposeful growth opportunities.

    (Adopted by the OVSD Board of Trustees on January 22, 2019)