'Paw Prints' by Luka

  • Luka up close Hi again from Luka!  February has been a very exciting month...

     I went to the kennel again with my sister Lennox and my brother Loki. We go there once a month for a few days to get used to being there since we will go back there next year for formal training.  

    We went to Baskin Robbins with the 5th graders. They go once a month to get ice cream if they get all of their work done, but they did not give me any!

    I was part of the 5th grade picture,  and celebrated Valentine's day with my 5th grade friends.  I decided to take the bus one day after school with Mrs. Sjogren, and it was so fun!

    I am also enjoying getting to visit all the classrooms!  If the class turns in 30 MAD tickets, then I can sit with them and they even get to pet me!  I am learning more and more each week that I go to my obedience class with my Guide Dog friends.  We get to go on so many fun outings together. 

     Talk to you all soon!