'Paw Prints' by Luka

  • Luka up close Hi! I'm Luka, a new "student" at Hope View Elementary School. My friend, Mrs. Sjogren, told me I'm the unofficial mascot of our school. 

    Where to begin?  As 2017 was drawing to a close, I had a great holiday break with my family.  I took a stroll down the Seal Beach pier on Christmas day. It was so fun to see all the people at the beach!  I got to take a walk through Central park and see ducks, geese, and horses! 

    I also got to go to the kennel in Sylmar for my first overnight stay with my brother, Loki, and my sister, Lennox. They like us to come to the kennel every month for a night or two to get used to being there.  I will be living there in about a year, and will stay there for training for 6 months.  I have been keeping up with my training with my guide dog friends as well as at a local dog training facility right here in HB called the Zoom Room.  I highly recommend this place!  The people are super nice, and you get lots of treats!

     I was glad to be back with my Hope View friends as school started again in January.  I also went to my first skate night.  It was fun to watch all the kids roll around!


    I have been visiting lots of classes lately.  I went to: Mrs. Berkers- Kinder, Miss Yamaguchi- 4th grade, Miss McLaughlin- TK, and Mrs. Sidell- 5th grade...I also am very proud of Room 25's Trimester 1 Principal's Effort award winners:  Emma Kudulis & Damian Sennott.


    We have some awesome student council kids in Room 25 and they did the announcements at the flag assembly.  Sophia Mack and Ryan Collins did a great job!  I learned that I will soon get to meet two more puppies in training. Mrs. Fuhrman at Harbour View is getting a puppy, and so is my puppy raisers grandma! Fun! 

    Recently I went to the vet for a checkup, and found out that I weigh 45 pounds!  I got a new vest, which is a little too big for me but I am sure I will grow into it!