Specialized Electives

  • ASB

    Associated Student Body is a one-year elective course designed for students who want to get involved in the planning and implementation of Mesa View’s activities and are seeking to enrich both school and community. Students enrolled in this leadership class will represent the Student Body, as well as plan all school spirit activities. In the process, we seek to promote citizenship, scholarship, leadership, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. While organizing and promoting various events is the main focus of ASB, you will be expected to complete some specific assignments as well.


    This course provides an introduction to robotics for students with no programming background using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kits. Students will learn to construct, control and program robots through investigative and exploration activities. Teamwork and collaboration are an important component in this class.  Students will learn to work as a team and communicate with each other toward a common goal.


    ¡Aprenda el español! Spanish 1 is a year-long elective offered to eighth graders. Students new to the language will become comfortable with speaking and writing simple sentences in Spanish.  Class content is based of the World Language Readiness Standards and covers vocabulary, word usages, and syntax. Students learn to express and understand likes and dislikes, greetings, introductions, and commonly used phrases. They also learn to make requests and share information. With the successful completion of the course, students have the opportunity to enter Spanish 2 as a high school freshman.


    This is an introductory course in how to play a string instrument. In its first year, it is designed for students at any playing level with differentiated instruction on violin, viola, cello, and bass. Correct playing position, characteristic tone quality, basic note reading, rhythmic value, appropriate vocabulary, and instrument care are stressed. This group performs at school concerts and other approved performances.

    Where Everybody Belongs “WEB” 

    This course is designed to train students in supporting their peers, creating a smooth transition from elementary to middle school, and building a climate of kindness and goodwill on the Mesa View campus.  Through a series of lectures, guided interaction, and group exercises, students will explore the principles of leadership and learn to develop individual and group leadership skills to impact their lives and their communities. Content areas include using personal strengths to become an effective leader, sympathy versus empathy, stress and time management, and strategies to implement change.