December 1, 2017

  • Dear Diary,

    Tomorrow is my 5 months old birthday! December 2. Go me!

    I had a great week off school, but I sure missed my friends and all the kids at Hope View. I went to stay at a puppy sitter's house, since my family went to Colorado and I am too young to fly on a plane. 

    At school, I got to visit my Kinder reading buddies this week, and I also met some veterans. I graduated from my puppy obedience class, and I am now advancing my skills at the "Zoom Room." It's a fun place to meet new friends and practice my obedience. Sometimes at lunch or after school I actually get to run around on the grass! Some of our classes are even writing about me and the Guide Dogs of America. 

    That's it for now, Diary. TTYL